Welcome To the 2020 Vision of COLOURS !!

We, the staff of COLOURS are elated that you took the time to stop by and visit our emerging new website. 2020 is the year of new and perfect vision. We have given the site a “facelift” to enhance the navigation and to enlighten you about some of our staff and services. As you click on the various tabs, you will see pictures and bios of our staff. Along with our testing and counseling services that provide as the staple of the organization, we are super excited to announce our onsite Youth Drop In. All LGGBT+youth are allowed to not only have fun, but it will also provide sanctuary to those who are in need of a safe space.

Let’s not forget some of our historical markers-Wednesday’s was the day for men of color to converge to discuss their plight and accomplishments in within our community. This same group will be back even stronger than before!!

COLOURS has been in existence since 1991. We are clear that some things must change and we are changing with them. Please expect to find fact founded information, statistics, entertainment and many other social content within our new site. If you’re someone with a talent of writing, some sort of artistic inspiration, please feel free to submit your work. Maybe you’re too busy and just want to donate your money, we have a donor tab that is an easy feature for giving any amount.

The COLOURS Organization will be launching more exciting safe space groups and creating content that is more reflective of our community at large. We thank you in advance for your participation, positive energy and patience during this process. We arehere to serve you!

Here’s to the new and improved 2020 vision for everyone!!

We look forward to seeing you within this amazing year, The COLOURS Organization.