Loren Jenkins was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Jenkins started her post-secondary education at Community College of Philadelphia and studied behavioral health and human services. Continuing her education, she obtained her BS in Human Services with a minor in Psychology at Chestnut Hill College. She is now a current graduate student studying counseling psychology at Temple University. Jenkins started her career at the age of 21 in the social service and HIV prevention field. In the beginning, she spent time advocating and mentoring young girls thorough the Philadelphia school system with Girls INC. and the LGBTQ+ community through other agencies. Jenkins served as a Prevention Specialist, Service Coordinator, Case Manager, and now The Testing and Linkage to Care Service Manager (TALC) at COLOURS. Jenkins has launched a brand-“Perfectly Unbalanced” in the summer of 2018. This was created as a need to help individuals learn self-love and care for themselves. Jenkins wants to bring that same passion and energy to COLOURS in her current position.

Dylan L. Torrez, a native of New York City relocated to Philadelphia in 2015 to obtain an education and career in Public Health. Dylan attended Community College of Philadelphia and graduated in 2018 with an AAS in biology. Dylan believes that he has a positive influence on the LGBTQ+ community by being able to provide empathetic support to those who need it. He sees himself as a transparent person who others feel comfortable around. Dylan has experience being a prevention specialist within the last five years and a future goal of his is to establish his own non-profit. Dylan has a passion for delegating time to others, advocating for underserved communities, and assisting others feel comfortable in their sexual identity. Within his role at COLOURS, he plans to help the community at large with knowing their status and how to navigate care and feel comfortable asking for resources.

Ms. Morrigan Sessions was born into a single-parent home in Baltimore, Md. Her mom instilled and educated her younger sister and herself with Christian morals and values at an early age. While attending the public-school system of Baltimore, she realized her calling was to assist others. Upon moving to Philadelphia, where she later entered the prevention field and acquired her credentials for HIV testing, Morrigan knew that her calling was fully validated. If there is one word to explain Morrigan it would have to be resilient – “No stranger to being at a low point in life striving to obtain a higher height, then the one dealt in life”-she adamantly states. She has a strong belief that is held dearly- “Positive energy is a must, and to reach those that may be afraid to come to most organizations.” More relatable to the outcast and the ashamed having been at this level personally in life that alone is why The COLOURS Organization is built to save lives and give out the best assistance need for the youth. The staff is willing to guide mold and teach and where some fall short other staff can pick up the slack without judgment.

A desire to bring a trans-specific view on topics and discussions, to breach a new path that will allow Trans woman to be able to feel safe in most excluded spaces considering how left out most feel in so-called safe spaces in and around the Philadelphia areas. Ready to dedicate time to start groups and gatherings for Trans masculine\feminine individuals for self-esteem building as well as instill in the younger generations of trans-identified persons self-worth and validity threw open discussions and round table talks.

We all should know that if you think you cannot most likely you can! If you leap, be ready to land. It may not be where you planned to land but it’s not where you just were and trust yourself. Nobody knows you better than you. These words are the powerful attributes spoken by Morrigan and her tenacity to do the work that is so desperately needed.

Her legacy footmark – “It would be an honor to be remembered as someone who gave love and show and proved that the walk was definitely able to back up the talk!” COLOURS and the community at large are excited for someone such as Morrigan to be at the helm of visibility and endurance for the hard work that lies ahead.